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Press Release 1/2014:

EcoPaperLoop Final Conference in Kraków, Poland:
New Packaging Method Developed

What was called waste paper earlier is no waste: Unmixed overprint, unsold newspaper and magazines or other forms of used paper free of contaminants never become waste. Improving the quality of paper for recycling is the target of the EcoPaperLoop Project that will run until the end of 2014. At the final conference in Krakow on December 2nd, the participating institutions will present the achievements that have been made so far. (...)

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Press Release 1/2013:

EcoPaperLoop Seminar in Warsaw, Poland:
“Paper recycling — a necessity for today’s paper loop!“

Paper is a precious raw material – it shall not be wasted. At a seminar on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, all members of the paper chain are invited to learn more about eco-design of paper and packaging, life cycle analysis of packaging products and paper recycling strategies. More than 40 participants, among them representatives of collectors, paper mills, and regional administrations, have already registered for this free seminar. (...)

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Kick-off meeting on Monday & Tuesday Sept 24 & 25, 2012 in Milano, Italy.
The first day of the meeting took place in the center of Milano concluded by a press conference at the end of the day.

Press Release 1/2012

EcoPaperLoop: A New Central Europe Project To Improve Collection and Product Design

Paper is a precious raw material — it shall not be wasted. It comes from renewable resources. But too much is lost for different reasons: Improper collection systems can drastically reduce the amount of paper being recovered for recycling; and improper design of a graphic or packaging product can make it useless or even harmful for the recycling process.

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EcoPaperLoop Project Launched in Milan

Presentations from the Press Conference:

pdflogoGraziano Elegir: Introduction to the project, partners, supporters and goals (Italian)
pdflogoAxel Fischer: Overview about key issues and targets of the EcoPaperLoop project



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